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General videos

VideoscreenGPR with the U-Explorer mini - Find the pipe

Basic introduction into GPR, Ground Penetrating Radar, using the U-Explorer mini gpr-system

Videoscreen GPR tutorial with GPRSim.net

Introductory tutorial on GPR technologies using the single ray simulator GPRSim.net. Introduces the concept of center frequency versus resolution in collected data.

Software tutorials

VideoscreenGPRSoft® - Object tools tutorial

Tutorial on using Object tools in GPRSoft PRO.

VideoscreenGPRSoft® Basics Part 1 - Open, View and Save

Basic introduction into GPRSoft®, opening files, viewing and save. Part 1 of a GPRSoft Tutorial series.

VideoscreenGPRSoft® Basics Part 2 - Simple processing

Basic introduction into GPRSoft®, simple processing. Part 2 of a GPRSoft Tutorial series.

Videoscreen GPRSoft PRO Topography tool tutorial

Tutorial on the GPRSoft PRO Topography tool tutorial.

Videoscreen GPRSoft PRO - "Bad" data processing tutorial

Tutorial on processing "Bad" data with GPRSoft

VideoscreenGPRSoft PRO - Layer tools tutorial

Tutorial on handling layers with GPRSoft PRO.

VideoscreenGPRSoft PRO - Macro function and batch processing tutorial

Tutorial on macro function and batch processing with GPRSoft PRO.

VideoscreenGPRSoft PRO - Velocity analysis tutorial

Tutorial on Velocity analysis with GPRSoft PRO.

VideoscreenGPRSoft PRO - Overgained (clipped) data showcase

Showcase on how overgaining/clipping can destroy your data.

Videoscreen GeoPointer X and DZT files

Demonstrates how to load DZT files into existing GPS databases and basic handling of the markers and positions on the map to locate features in the DZT file.

VideoscreenGPRSim.net an Introduction

Presents the different ways of using GPRSim.net, using the cursors and effects on close objects.